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For India-savvy tourists, Kerala is ‘God’s Own Country’. But to the nature-lover among them, it is the Garden of Eden – Kerala’s abundance of natural beauty is what the rest of the tropical countries would have had long ago. A nursery of biological diversity; the Western Ghats mountain range that flanks the eastern side of Kerala State is one among the 34 Biodiversity Hotspots of the world. This ancient realm of mountains clothed with tropical forests and nourished by monsoon rains is a haven to hundreds of plant and animal species seen nowhere else in the world.

I have lived all my life in Kerala. As a wildlife photographer/film maker and a naturalist, I have explored each and every precious patch of its wilderness for the past thirty years or more. The beauty of the wild flowers of my land, its majestic elephants and tigers, colourful birds like the Malabar Trogon and the Indian Pitta, spectacular butterflies like the Southern Birdwing and other insects, have been a source of spiritual strength to me all my life. Someone has said ‘there is no heaven on earth, but only pieces of it!’ Western Ghats is my heaven; here would I spent as many lives as God would grant me.

This is an invitation to join me.
Let me take you on an unforgettable excursion through the wildernesses of my country.

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