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“For richness and diversity of bird life, Kerala stands, in my estimation as undisputed No.1. There were certain localities in particular, for example Thattekad on the river Periyar river which linger in my memory as the richest bird habitat in peninsular India I have known – comparable only with the Eastern Himalayas…”
-The Fall of A Sparrow, Salim Ali 1985

Of all the Asian countries India has perhaps the richest diversity of birds. Of the total 9799 species worldwide, about 1300 occur in the Indian subcontinent; if the subspecies are included, the list will far exceed 2000. Of these 142 are endemics. The Western Ghats complex, because of its multitude of habitats, is home to 586 species. 16 are endemics found nowhere else in the world.

Although the number of birds reported from Kerala is around 470, all the 16 endemic birds can be spotted here. This is because there are as many as 32 different kinds of forest habitats spread over the length and breadth of this little state.

No wonder Salim Ali described it as the richest bird habitat next to eastern Himalayas!

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