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Teacher to a little girl in school: “What makes the day bright?”
Reply: “Butterflies!’

Undoubtedly it is these colourful and dainty creatures that make the life of any nature lover bright and beautiful! Kerala has plenty of them, about 330 species with good representations from all the families – Papilionidae (19 species), Pieridae (33), Nymphalidae (96), Lycaenidae (101), Hesperiidae (81). Of these 37 species and 1 genera are endemics to Western Ghats.

Many of the above can match the finest found anywhere in the world. Every hue of the rainbow is represented; the biggest of them, Southern Birdwing (Troides minos) is 25 cms across; it is also the biggest in India. The smallest is the Grass Jewel (Zizeeria trochilius) barely 2 cms across; it is the smallest butterfly in the world!

Whether you are in a city taking a stroll through its lanes or in a wildlife sanctuary after the monsoon months (Aug-December) there will be a sumptuous feast of butterflies of various forms and colors waiting to enchant you.

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